Like getting old ain’t hard enough?

You’ve seen them, those tottering oldies with bowed backs and hats pulled down over their ears, while they struggle to peddle a three-wheel bike on ground so level that you could play marbles on it. …


On my walk around Royal Villa the other morning, I was admiring some of the beautifully kept yards with their bright flowers and restful themes. I wish I had one tenth of the imagination and determination to create such magical gardens.

Many of the yards amazed…

things to check before you begin

Part-time job

Things to check before you start work

Does your retirement leave you time to spare? Wouldn’t it be dandy having a few extra bucks rolling around in your pocket? That’s the reasoning I used to set me on the path of looking…

The Magic Formula that Works


The Magic Formula

Like many retirees, I’ve packed on a pound here, a pound there, and pound, pound everywhere. Comfortably plump, it’s called in polite circles. Fat, it’s called when truth be told.

One day while putting on my socks, which is not…

“Will it matter a hundred years from now?” That’s a question I hold up to determine if I should concern myself with any issue that presses on my mind.

When I was young and woke each morning with fully-charged batteries, I had the luxury of fussing and fuming over any…

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I’m not feeling super. Part of that is because I don’t like watching sports on TV, I detest watching commercials, and chili and dogs give me gas. I used to like the fact that I knew I’d have the house to myself on that day…


Make the Big Bucks

So, you’ve heard all the yammer about how the road to success is opened by being grateful. You’ve seen it repeated enough times that you believe it is true. The more grateful you are the more you will receive. Sounds easy doesn’t?

We’ve all…

In the Mall

Like a gunman in a mall, this Covid monster keeps getting closer and closer to where you and your loved ones have made a stand, between the donut shop and the computer store. The sounds of gunfire a bit louder, the cries for help more heart-wrenching.



Why not June?

Why Not June?

Nah, in June you want to be checking out your closet for fun summer stuff to wear. You want to consider what kind of mischief you can get into in the loooooong daylight hours. You…

for Man’s Best Friends


For Man’s Best Friends

Dustin labored over the ad his fellow camper wrote and published on line for him a week ago. He hadn’t gotten any calls on the ad yet and he had to be out of this closing RV park by tomorrow. …

Gail mcnally

humorist, novelist, writing maniac. You got me.

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